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ArtAnsa is ART FOR YOU.



Our products are made 100% by hand with natural raw materials that do not pollute the environment. We use leather, stones, plants, seeds, recyclable paper and other materials that with their colors, shapes and textures result in original eco-friendly pieces with distinction.

The quality is meticulously taken care of with the arduous work of the artisans who can take days or weeks to make colorful garments and accessories.

Blue Hat

Pure Leather Bags, Wallets, Backpacks, Purses & Collars For Dogs.

Leather bags, purses, and dog collars cut to such precision that you would be confused and think they are machine made.

Toquilla Straw And Sheep Wool Hats

In ArtAnsa you can find the finest Toquilla-straw hats made in months, weeks or days. The Panama Hats are entirely handmade with fine strands of toquilla straw and turned into a beautiful garment that gives you elegance and distinction. The processing time varies between a day, a week, or even months for the finest ones; hence this reason, they can be expensive. Panamanian Hats are a popular garment worn by famous artists.


Earrings, bracelets, and charms with hand-polished gemstones that bring positivity, good energy, love, money, prosperity and peace.


The pipes, from the smallest to the largest, are decorated with the unique and colourful designs of ArtAnsa's artisans.


Paintings made by true master artists. Their colorful artistic creations are made on recyclable paper, real feathers, leaves of plants and trees, and some, painted with natural tocte tree paint.

Palo Santo, Portainciesos And Trees Of Prosperity

Trees of life that bring prosperity because they are made with precious stones that bring positivity. Beautiful incense holders made of wood with bread dough decorations. Palo Santo is a pure incense extracted from a tree from the forests of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Its branches are the ones that emanate a pure forest smell which gives energy to your home, hence its name, Palo Santo.

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