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About Us

ArtAnsa was born in December 2013 with the arrival of Angela Sanchez to Canada and when she realized how people from other cultures love and value artisanal products.

Our Name, ArtAnsa:
Art > Art + An > Angela + Sa > Sanchez

Our name has a deep meaning. We use the word Art and combine it with the first and last name of the father of the founder of our company. Angela's father, who is no longer on earth, humbly taught her to value, love and honor her origin, roots, culture, and tradition.

"This country taught me to value more what we do as artisans, because we put love, time and creativity into what we do."
—Angela Sanchez.
The Artisans

ArtAnsa recognizes the power in artisans’ hands and is committed to offering them the support they need so that their products are known in other parts of the world such as Canada. With each purchase, we help artisans and their families, who rely on the sales of the work they do with their hands to make a living.

ArtAnsa and its artisans create unique models with fusions such as canvas shoes with hand-drawn drawings; leather bags with fusions of fabrics made on looms and Tagua brooches.

ArtAnsa items are created with products that Mother Earth offers us, such as seeds, leather, precious stones, wood, leaves, etc.

Everything in ArtAnsa is made by artisan hands with their own style. You will find unique things with distinction and the best part, made by industrious hands.

The artisans who work with ArtAnsa work with high skill dedicating hours, days, and even months of effort.

You will find handicrafts such as thread handles, bracelets made on looms or leather, jewellery with precious stones, earrings and necklaces; all made entirely by hand and in which the artisans invest hours, days and even weeks.

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